Our entire fleet always at a glance


No matter where your goods are located, we know about everything. Location, traffic situation, traffic jams or delivery time at the recipient. Likewise, our drivers are well informed. Any necessary changes to the route due to unforeseen traffic obstructions or difficult unloading situations on site that normally only become apparent upon delivery - our navigation system shows more than "just the way".

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With our connected online platform, we locate all vehicles worldwide at any time and simultaneously provide our employees with important details about the transport. We rely on a leading global provider with specialized solutions for fleet management, vehicle telematics and networked vehicle services. Through the use of a so-called black box (similar to the use in air traffic), we also have a lot of information about the vehicle or the drivers at our disposal, which helps us to optimize the fleet on a regular basis.


  • Central overview of truck, trailer and driver
  • Promoting safer driving behavior among our drivers
  • On-time order processing thanks to fast and optimized routes
  • Easier compliance with regulations for tachographs and driving times
  • Integration of third-party software into existing processes
  • Expansion of the tracking solution to all BTS assets (trailers / suitcases)

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WE, the management and all employees of BTS Logistik GmbH strongly condemn the aggression, the attack of Vladimir Putin on Ukraine and the inhuman war.

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