We live diversity.
Especially in the team.

Show your colors.

We face a global market and its high demands every day. The planning of availability, a fast delivery time as well as a safe transport - for your goods as well as for our employees - are our daily tasks. We master these through a pool of qualified and above all motivated employees.

Our drivers play a primary or the most important role in everything. Kitchen furniture requires a much higher physical constitution than goods that are traditionally transported, as the sensitivity of the goods and non-uniform packaging dimensions make loading and unloading "by hand" necessary. This applies to everything from simple base cabinets to oversized granite kitchen countertops. Teamwork is required here and our employees are therefore always on tour as a duo, often for an entire week. We transport the goods safely from the production line to behind the first closed door. In many places, however, sorting storage or extended transport within the premises of the consignee is expected. Here, too, our front-line employees are always actively involved.

The demographic change in Germany and legal requirements lead in the transport industry and thus also in our company to the fact that it becomes successively more difficult to find employees who can or want to perform this hard work for years. We are very happy to have a large pool of employees who responsibly carry out the work at hand every day. Here, our pool of professionals is made up of many nations and cultures. This enriches our togetherness within the team extraordinarily and we are proud of each individual.

Take a stand.

Every day, our drivers make a major, valuable contribution to supplying society and the specialized trade. Especially in extraordinary times full of uncertainty, transport companies and their employees are a pillar of the community and system-relevant ensure that the goods ordered from the sofa at home reach their destination on time and intact often the very next day.

Every day, our drivers have to make sometimes extremely physical efforts by moving heavy furniture. Driving a large truck safely in all weathers, in different countries, through daily traffic with many traffic jams, in compliance with all legal regulations and with a wide variety of delivery situations is a challenge in itself. They unload in summer in great heat as well as in winter in snow, rain and in the cold. In addition, there are two of them in the truck for a week and they are often separated from their families over long distances.

We stand behind all our employees 100 percent and are proud to have integrated each individual into our growing team. Every employee is important! Respect and esteem are our maxims, regardless of origin, age, position, length of service or level of education.

We, together for a common future.
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