The people behind
the success of bts.

Our drivers
Our drivers are much more than just "the strong guys behind the wheel". Here are real professionals at work - always on tour in pairs to guarantee an intact delivery and to be on time at the destination within specified rest periods. They know the routes like the back of their truck, brave wind and weather and make sure that everything "runs smoothly" every day.
Our dispatchers

Time and cost-optimized swap body scheduling as well as ensuring a smooth exchange of information between driver, manufacturer and consignee - our schedulers coordinate all orders and trips, juggle hundreds of data every day and keep track of everything, beyond the edge of the loading dock.

Our IT'ers

To be able to hold one's own on the market today requires a flexible and active zeitgeist for the use of digital processes. In short: tools for every area of our company that facilitate or improve daily work. Our technicians develop new, innovative tools every day to close precisely this gap. 

Capacity and tour planner

True logistics experts start planning before production and don't stop until delivery. This is where all the changes and supplements that arise come together, and our problem solvers and performance optimizers use their many years of experience to create order before chaos even arises.

S48 / Distribution dispatchers

Our employees in S48 / distribution transport take care of all shipments that are too large for well-known parcel services and still need to be delivered quickly. They ensure a fast transport, e.g. of kitchen elements for exchange, so that nothing stands in the way of completion at the customer's site. And this, of course, also internationally.

Warehouse specialists

Good preparation is everything. Every cubic centimeter of space in the truck is tactically cleverly and intelligently filled by our warehouse staff with a trained eye to make the most of the resulting time savings during unloading. We offer a highly efficient supply chain, environmentally conscious, resource-saving and "just-in-time".


You can reach our customer service
Monday to Friday from 8-12 and FROM 13-17 uhr.

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Lions BTS