BTS logistics partner between kitchen manufacturer and specialist dealer

To the places ...

We see ourselves as the link between the production and distribution of kitchen furniture. Thus, we are the linchpin from the moment the order is received by the manufacturer to the final delivery to the retailer.

Ready ...

In direct coordination with the production of the manufacturers of high-quality kitchen furniture, we determine the optimal time horizon of the transport. This ensures optimal use of our transport capacities, reduces unnecessary extra kilometers, empty runs as well as transport costs and the customer receives his goods within the confirmed delivery week.

BTS logistics company kitchen furniture from manufacturer to retailer
BTS logistics company kitchen furniture

The goods are produced? Then our drivers get going. From the end of production, we take full charge. All packages are carefully loaded by hand into our swap bodies by the manufacturer. From here, our fleet then begins its journey to the recipients of the goods.


On time at the unloading location, our team of drivers gets straight to work and hands over the ordered delivery to the recipient of the goods. Here, too, our service often goes further than originally specified. 

BTS logistics company kitchen furniture logistics to the dealer


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