BTS Logistics officially supports the TuSsies

BTS Logistics officially supports the TuSsies

The TuSsies' runaway success since their glamorous victory in 2009 as "underdogs" over the Schwaben Hornets from Nellingen to their successful achievement of the championship title in 2012 and the associated promotion to the 1st Bundesliga reflects the first-class performance of the players. We apply the same first-class performance to our company and our employees.

The freight forwarding industry is mainly identified with male attributes, although the female part of the workforce contributes a very large share to our success. That is why we support the Women's handball team of Turn- und Sportvereinigung Metzingen e.V. actively as a sponsor.

The management's consistently good ideas and concepts for the game never cease to inspire us, and every time we cheer along with our heroines on the pitch until they win. There is no giving up here and top performance is offered until the last second.

For this reason, there was never any question for us whether we wanted to be a part of the TuSsies' success story or not.

And let's be honest: Who could resist these power women?


Website of the TuSsies Metzingen

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