Solid grounding

As a leading logistics company and forwarding agent for new furniture transportation, we almost exclusively specialise in high end kitchen furniture. As such, we are an essential partner for our clients and act as the extended workbench for goods delivery to kitchen studios, furniture stores and property outfitters as well as planning service providers both nationally and internationally. From our locations in Owen (Baden-Württemberg) and Melle (Lower Saxony) we cover all of Germany as well as neighbouring EU countries in Central Europe. By providing two drivers for every delivery, we ensure speedy and safe delivery.

For all intents and purposes we look like a forwarding agent

Only at first glance we see ourselves as traditional forwarding agent. We really see ourselves as an organisation of innovative lateral thinkers – with a clear vision. Behind the scenes, we are much more closely interlinked with our clients as it might seem on the surface. Very frequently we are responsible for the entire logistics of our customers. It is not uncommon for us to be involved in the capacity planning right from the moment an order is received so that we can ensure efficient route planning in direct communication with the production department. This enables us to ship the goods quickly and guarantee on time delivery. What sets us apart from our competitors in delivering these critical tasks are our highly qualified and motivated staff as well as our technological advantage. Our process chain is unique in Germany and the services we perform by far exceed the simple delivery of kitchen furniture. With over 40 years experience in the haulage industry and a highly energetic team of more than 150 employees, we are the number One in the area of kitchen transportation.

BTS Logistik 40 Jahre Speditionserfahrung

30.000 HP

In order to cope with all customer requirements, in our two locations we have a combined rolling stock of 50 articulated lorrys over 18 tons and 12 units below 12 tons total payload. 95% of the vehicles are swap trailer units with hauled carriages as well as 3 semi-trailers (Euro IV) with 2 trailers each. In addition to this, we have a pool of 350 swap trailers. This ensures sufficient capacity for the demands of an international marketplace. All our vehicles are fitted with a telematics system so you have the location of the consigment at your fingertips. This not only includes shipment tracking with confirmation via electronic signature, but also a geo-coded delivery confirmation which matches the meta data of the consignment with the scanners GPS position. By the way, all vehicles of our haulage partners in fulfilment of our orders are fitted with the same technology.

Fuhrpark BTS Logistik GmbH

Future proof

We take care of our next generation of top employees and train young people in various departments of our organisation. We partner with the state of Baden-Württembergs dual study initiative and offer future students a university study programme including practical work periods within our company as an integral part. This highly practical approach and the merging of theoretical studies and real life application pave the way for a successful future.

Business professionals

Our specialisation in the German kitchen furniture industry (with international focus) makes us an important system partner of our clients. We cover a wide variety of kitchens from leading high end manufacturers and guarantee a streamlined and smooth process from production line right through to delivery to our trade partner, if desired.


We offer commercial planning, process optimisation, systematics and transparency.

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