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We are the connection between manufacture and distribution of kitchen furniture. This makes us the lynchpin from the manufacturer receiving your order up to final delivery to the speciality retailer.


Directly coordinating with the high value kitchen furniture suppliers production team we generate the optimal transport sequence. Thus we ensure the perfect utilisation of transport capacity, avoid wasted extra mileage and empty runs. This means we reduce transport cost and ensure customer receive their products in the confirmed delivery week.

BTS Logistikunternehmen Küchenmöbel

The goods have been manufactured? Then our drivers hit the road. When production is finished, we completely take over. At the manufacturers site, all parcels are manually loaded into our containers. Then our transport fleet starts its journey to the recipients.


Arriving on time, our delivery team hands over the ordered products to the goods recipient. Here as well our service often extends the defined services and expectations.


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