The people behind the success of BTS

Our drivers

Our drivers are far more than „big boys behind the wheel.“ With us, you will find true professionals at work – always two of them for every trip to ensure intact and timely delivery, even planning for mandatory driver rest periods. They are as familiar with their routes as they are with their vehicles, brave wind and weather and make sure that everything is „on track.“

Our schedulers

Time and cost optimised swap trailer scheduling and ensuring a smooth data exchange between driver, manufacturer and client – our schedulers coordinate orders, tours, keeping hundreds of data sets in the air and keep an eye on everything, all the way to the horizon – and beyond.

Our geek squad

In order to persevere in todays market, a flexible and active approach to digital processes is elementary. In short: tools for every aspect of our business that make the daily work better or easier. Our engineers constantly create new and innovative tools to address exactly these requirements.

Capacity planning and route schedulling

The work of born-and-bred logistics experts begins in the planning phase, before production starts, and only ends after delivery. All changes and additions end up here and our well experienced troubleshooters and performance optimisers create order before there is any chance for chaos.

S48 / Distribution transport schedulers

Our S48 / Distribution Transport specialists look after all deliveries that are too bulky for parcel services, but nevertheless are time critical. They arrange for a speedy delivery of replacement kitchen units for example so that completion at the customer site is not delayed. Of course we also offer this service internationally.

Warehouse specialists

Thorough preparation is key. Every cubic inch of load space on a lorry is skillfully and expertly utilised by our eagle eyed warehouse specialists in order to maximise time savings while unloading. We offer a highly efficient supply chain that is environmentally aware, ressource saving and just in time.


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