Every day we face the high demands of a global marketplace. Capacity planning, fast delivery and secure transportation of goods as well as of our employees are our daily tasks. We ensure these demands are met through a large highly qualified and above all motivated workforce.

Our drivers play a very prominent and important role. Transportation of kitchen furniture requires far greater physical stamina than standard goods, as the delicate nature of the items and highly unequal measurements of shipments require loading and unloading by hand. These shipments range from simple floor cupboards all the way to oversize granite worktops. This requires team work. Therefore we always have two employees on each tour, sometimes for over a week. We securely transport the shipment from the production line all the way to behind the first locked door at the customer site. Very often our clients expect additional services as sorting storage or further transportation on their premises. Of course, our team is at hand for this as well.

Demographic and legal changes in Germany make it increasingly more difficult for haulage companies – and this includes us – to find suitable employees that can and want to perform these demanding tasks over a long time. Therefore, we are very lucky to have a large pool of employees that responsibly meet these challenges day by day. Our team consists of a variety of nationalities and ethnicities. This greatly enhances our team spirit and we value every single team member.


Every day, our drivers deliver a significant contribution to supplying the population and specialist trade. Especially in uncertain times, transport companies and their employees are an essential pillar of society and ensure that the goods ordered from a sofa at home are delivered intact and in time, often the very next day.

Our drivers work very hard every single day, often involving the lifting of heavy furniture. And this on top of securely driving a heavy goods vehicle in any kind of weather, in heavy traffic, frequent traffic jams, sticking to all kinds of rules and meeting a multitude of delivery situations – which already is a massive challenge. They unload goods in sweltering summer heat just as well as in winter snows and rain. And there are only the two of them in a lorry for a week, often hundreds of miles away from their families.

We are committed to all our employees and are proud to have made them an integral part of our team. Every single one counts! Our guiding principle is to respect every one of them regardless of origin, age, job role, length of service or level of education.

Us, together for a common future.
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